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Interested in joining the Westland Mtb Club?

 No problem, memberships are payable to Coll Sportsworld & Avanti Pro Cycle Centre and Hokitika Cycle and Sport.

Why be a member of the Westland MTB Club? This is a question asked by a section of local MTB riders, which is fair enough, it doesn't stop them from riding the trails, but then whose land is it, and are you entitled to be on it, eg. Timberlands Forests where the club has negotiated free access to riders providing they have a current Westland MTB membership.

The club is continually in contact with local councils, DOC, Timberlands and private land owners to make MTB in Westland more enjoyable,and this is no mean feat.

So if your keen to join and enjoy access to trails the club has built and access to lands owned by 3rd. parties the actual cost of becoming a member is about 40cents per week.  ($20 Per Year)



What do i get out of being a member?

* Being a member of the Westland Mtb Club means that your part of the Mountain Bike Community on the West Coast. We Have Designated Club Rides every second weekend which youll recieve via email and also rides in the "in between weekends" also.

* Assisting in the building and maintenance of tracks (whether or not you can help in the working bees)

* Helping obtain access to land that may not otherwise be available

* Giving the club a stronger voice when we talk to the various entities that can help improve mountain biking on the Coast

* And generally making the club's job easier and mountain biking more sustainable

* Plus you get to come out and do some great mountain biking! Experience areas youve never seen before with a great bunch of people. And after all the hard work back to the local for a few quiets.


I understand that in the last financial year the clubs receipt of membership fees didn't cover the cost of our public liability insurance, which can protect you as a member and helps us all in obtaining access to the Timberlands estate.  Obviously the club itself will not be sustainable if we don't improve this situation


There is some real momentum around mountain biking on the Coast at the moment, DOC are keen to chat, the first stage of Development West Coast's track study is completed, Westland District Council are discussing the club' s request at their meeting tomorrow, Grey District have offered Mt Buckley as a possible bike park, Blue Spur tracks have sprouted this summer - the club has an important role in all these areas.



Membership Costs:

Student : $10

Adult : $20

Family : $30


This Payment entitles you to 12 months membership, which is needed to race and national event if that intrests you.