Croesus Track

Croesus track

 Grade 4+

One Day

38km return.


Video - HeliBiking the Croesus Track



Blackball 25km North east of Greymouth.


Track Summary:

Head North West, follow the Blackball Road towards Roa Mine. Then turn left the Croesus Track sign. Follow this gravel road to the carpark. This is the start of Croesus Track. The track travels through a old minig trail and forest. It is quite rough and steep in places but mostley ridable and graded if dry. Just above the bushline is the Cees Clark Hut this should take you three to four hours. The Croesus Knob is 2km away and is mostley unridable. The ride back to car park from the hut is fantasic riding., becoming quite technical at speed.

 Track Conditions:

Track contains a mixture of terrain, ranging from rocky sections to single track to flowy benched sections.


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