Kumara Mugplug/No Name

Kumara Mug Plug | No Name Road

Grade 3+

2-4 Hours

33km from Marsden.



The quickest way to marsden is to drive south on highway 6 for 5km, and turn left at the shantytown sign, under the bridge and ride to marsden another 8km away.


Track Summary:

From Marsden, head to the right and cross the bridge a few hundred metres away. on the other side, turn right at the no-name road sign and during the next kilometre ignor all tracks that branch off the orignal road. (Including the big driveway at no-name052 sign) After about five km, you will drop down a small hill and reach a T intersection with a left turn. Turn right and before long youll reach a four way intersection. Ride straight ahead onto the 4wd track. After a few kilometres this track becomes quite rough and nips back and forth across blackwater creek a few times. this continues on and reaches the big Hohonu River.

Across the big Hohonu and pick a track 50 metres down that meets Kumara/inchbonnie road, a stone throw away, turn right to follow this road for 3km before turning right again at cape terrace road, opposite some large old buildings. head down the river, go downstream for 100metres then cross the big Hohonu river again.

Continue on cape terrace road for another 10km. About 1.5 km after passing the bundi road turn off, youl reach the 4 way intersection at the start of the loop. Turn left and follow no-name road back to Marsden.



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