Lake Kaniere

Lake Kaniere Loop


19km South East of Hokitika

Grade 3-5





Take the Lake Kaniere Road 19km South East of Hokitika. When you arrive at the lake you can park up at the parking area here or drive a little way left or right around the lake to Sunny Bight or Hans Bay and park up there. Ideally riding around the lake in an anticlockwise direction is best.

Track Summary:

Yes it is possible to ride right around the lake- yeah. Heading in an anticlockwise direction from Sunny Bight the dirt road ends at a small car park and the single track starts. The first 4kms are grade 3 as it meanders along the lake edge, further around the track gets a little more technical. There are a few steps and stairs to bike carry along the way. The Lake views and native bush are fabulous. 

Track Conditions :

40% dirt road, 60% single track