Napolean Hill

Napolean Hill


( Please note access is by permission of the land owner only with prior arrangement, This is not a Public Road )

 Feel free to ring Robyn Smith to arrange a ride : 03 732 3849 , 0211314632 


At Ahaura turn right at the corner dairy onto Orwell Creek road. After about 9km you will have to turn left to stay on Orwell Creek road and then drive another 3km to the gate.

Follow the gravel road to the top of the hill. Continue on this road ignoring all turn offs. You will get to a section where the road dips down to your right and heads up a hill slightly straight ahead, this is where the downhill starts. Turn right and enjoy the first downhill section. Follow the four wheel drive track down onto Nobles Creek.

Follow this until you reach a fork where the road goes up a steep hill to your right and the creek continues on your left. You can choose either to continue on the creek and ride through the first tunnel or go up and over the hill. Follow the creek through the second tunnel out onto Mosquito Creek. Turn right and follow Mosquito Creek track zigzagging in and out of the river. Then climb up a slight hill and continue to follow the four wheel drive track. The track then follows the creek bed for a short while before returning back to the four wheel drive track. Continue on this road then climb the large hill at the end.

 This hill then brings you to a intersection you had riden past earlier, turn left continue back down the road you came up at the start of the ride and back down to your car.



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