Kaniere Water Race

Kaniere water race


19km South East of hokitika

Grade 4+

1-2 Hours




Take the Lake Kaniere Road 19km South East of Hokitika. When you arrive at the lake veer left over the bridge and park up in the parking area beside the lake. The track entrence is just over the road.


 Track Summary:

The track follows the water race into the bush. The first 4km is quite easy. You will then cross a gravel road. This is where the track begins to become a bit harder. In places on the track you may have to walk a few gulches. Expericenced riders will ride these. At the end of the singletrack you will come onto a 4wd track. Turn right and follow the main 4wd track down. After a few hundred metres you will arrive at the lake kaniere road. Turn left and this will take you back to the track 7km away. Or turn right to ride to Hokitika 12km away. This track can be done as a in-out ride also


Track Conditions :

10% 4wd, 90% single track 


Note: This is also a walkers track so beware.



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